Traffic violations may not seem like a big deal. However, any of them can easily become one. So if the state charges you with traffic violations, it may be helpful to hire a lawyer. A suspended license lawyer can help reduce the effects of a suspended license. Additionally, a revoked license lawyer can protect your right to drive. And if the state accuses you of reckless driving or aggravated speeding in the DuPage County, IL area you need to hire a reckless driving lawyer.

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Revoked License Lawyer

The state of Illinois has the right to suspend a driver’s license. When that happens, you’ll lose your driving privileges for a certain amount of time. After that, you can apply for license reinstatement. The state may have suspended your license for a number of reasons. For example, perhaps the court found you guilty of a DUI charge. Additionally, you can lose your license for reasons completely unrelated to driving, like failing to pay child support. Regardless of why the state suspended your license, a suspended license lawyer can help you reinstate your driving privileges.

A suspended license lawyer can also serve as a revoked license lawyer. The state may revoke your license for a number of reasons, like reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, or multiple DUI charges. License suspension and revocation are similar. However, they’re not the same. You can reinstate a suspended license after a certain amount of time. However, you can never reinstate a revoked license. Instead, you’ll have to re-apply for your license. Because of this, you’ll have to take a driver’s test all over again. Therefore, if you’ve lost your license permanently, it’s important to find an experienced revoked license lawyer. In some cases, simply hiring a lawyer could get you a better outcome in your case than if you tried to fight your charges yourself.

Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless driving may not sound like a big deal at first. After all, the vast majority of traffic offenses result in a slap on the wrist. However, Illinois views reckless driving as a serious criminal offense. The court defines reckless driving as operating a vehicle with a “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” Therefore, a reckless driving lawyer needs to prove that you weren’t acting willfully or with disregard for another person’s safety. Reckless driving can result in license suspension. As a result, you may also want to consult a suspended license lawyer if you’re facing reckless driving charges.

A suspended license lawyer will come in especially handy for these kinds of cases. In addition, reckless driving charges come in two main varieties. First, if you didn’t injure anyone, the court will charge you with a misdemeanor. However, if your actions injured somebody, you’ll face a felony charge. As a result, you could spend years in prison. Because of this, it’s important to hire a reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible.

If a police officer pulls you over going more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, they may charge you with aggravated speeding. Aggravated speeding is a criminal offense in Illinois that can result in a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor. As a result, you could receive jail time or a hefty fine. Additionally, you’ll garner points on your license, which may result in suspension. Therefore, it’s important to hire a suspended license lawyer to help defend you against aggravated speeding charges.