Business and contract law go hand in hand. Business contract negotiation may ripen into a contract, and that contract may later lead to a dispute. While Villalobos & Associates has extensive experience handling criminal matters, and those might seem quite different from business and contract matters, a real estate lawyer and a criminal defense attorney both need to have excellent negotiation skills. Both need to identify strengths and weaknesses of positions. Finally, both types of attorneys need to be ready to take cases to trial. But compared to civil cases, far more criminal cases go to trial and the attorneys at Villalobos & Associates conduct multiple trials per year, more than most attorneys who only handle civil matters. As a result, a criminal defense attorney can also make a great business lawyer. And at Villalobos and Associates, we provide both to the Cook County, IL area.

Villalobos and Associates has served the local area for more than four decades. In fact, our founder, attorney Raul Villalobos, still runs the firm along with his son Mark. As a result, the two make a dynamic team. Attorney Mark Villalobos has assumed the role of the firm’s primary business dispute lawyer and real estate lawyer. Additionally, he focuses on helping resolve issues as a property dispute lawyer. He’s followed in his father’s footsteps to become a respected and sought-after attorney in the Chicagoland area, especially among the Hispanic community.

We represent clients in the courthouses in Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, and Kane counties. Our lawyers help clients from all over Chicagoland, including the following neighborhoods:

  • Little Village

  • Heart of Chicago

  • Lower West Side

  • Pilsen

  • Wicker Park

  • Lincoln Park

  • Humboldt Park

  • Ukrainian Village

  • Logan Square

  • Lake View

  • Roscoe Village

  • Bucktown

Business Lawyer

Whether you are starting a business or operating one, an experienced business lawyer can help you when problems or questions arise. This can mean answering questions about what type of business entity to choose when forming the business or how to resolve a dispute that is, or may, be in court. The attorneys at Villalobos & Associates have won multiple trials and negotiated favorable outcomes for local business owners who were facing lawsuits or other disputes revolving around the business.

Real Estate Lawyer

Whenever you buy or sell real estate, it’s important to consult a real estate lawyer. From the date you sign a contract to buy or sell a property, important deadlines start to run and you need to contact an attorney to review the contract as soon as possible. An experienced real estate attorney will review the contract, propose any modifications, request credits or repairs, and ensure that your rights are preserved before the transaction moves forward. For property transfers that are not sales, an experienced real estate lawyer can also advise you on other matters such as putting the property in a land trust. The attorneys at Villalobos & Associates have been handling real estate transactions and transfer for decades and have dealt with many complicated familial and business situations.

Property Dispute Lawyer

Unfortunately, property disputes are more common than you might think. They can arise from anywhere. And usually, when they rear their ugly head, they’re expensive and require a real estate litigation lawyer to solve them. For example, a property dispute lawyer can help you handle a dispute with a neighbor over property boundaries, trespassing, easements, and other related matters. These cases involve claiming a piece of land that you’ve paid taxes on for years, but may not technically own. This can also go in reverse. For example, a landowner that has property next to yours may try to take your land with eminent domain laws. And you can’t take that sitting down. You need to act. You need to hire a property dispute lawyer.