America is a nation founded by immigrants. It’s a country where our differences make us stronger together. However, becoming a citizen is difficult today. There are numerous prerequisites. In addition, you need to complete the right paperwork, and even then there is a lengthy process. As a result, if you need to become a citizen, you may want to hire an immigration attorney. Additionally, the right family immigration lawyer may be able to help your relatives become citizens. It’s also helpful to find a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer if you don’t speak English. Therefore, if you need a citizenship lawyer near Lake County, IL call Villalobos and Associates.

If you need an immigration attorney in the local area, we can help. Our founder, attorney Raul Villalobos, has served the community as a citizenship lawyer for more than 40 years. As a result, he has a solid foundation in immigration law. Additionally, we keep a skilled young family immigration lawyer, attorney Beatriz Matias, on-staff. Because of this, we know where immigration law stands today. Therefore, if you need a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer, give us a call.

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Family Immigration Lawyer

An immigration attorney can help members of your family become citizens. The most common way to do this is through a process called Naturalization. However, you need to be a US citizen or legal resident to Naturalize a relative. In general, this process can take a few years. A family immigration lawyer can help guide you through this process. First, to become a Naturalized US citizen, your family member first needs to acquire a Permanent Resident Card or Green Card. After that, your family member can apply for citizenship after five years.

Sometimes, a legal resident can become a citizen in three years. If necessary, an immigration attorney can explain this process to you. In addition, your family member needs to be able to read, write, and speak English. There are also some forms a prospective citizen needs to complete. A family immigration lawyer can help file these documents. Finally, your family member will need to take an immigration test. Once they complete this process, they’ll become US citizens.

Citizenship Lawyer

Becoming a citizen is complicated. There are many steps that you need to complete. It takes a long time. In addition, it’s emotional. As a result, an immigration attorney needs to understand that. The best citizenship lawyer will be able to empathize with his or her clients. They’ll know where their clients come from. As a result, they’ll be invested in their clients’ cases. At Villalobos and Associates, we have a dedicated citizenship lawyer, attorney Beatriz Matias, on-staff. Attorney Matias is a recent graduate of the prestigious Chicago Kent College of Law. As a result, she’s an expert on the most current immigration laws.

Spanish Speaking Immigration Lawyer

Another crucial skill for an immigration attorney is the ability to speak another language. We recognize this. At Villalobos and Associates, we have more than one Spanish-speaking immigration lawyer on staff. It’s just one of the ways we set ourselves apart from other citizenship attorneys. If you or a family member can’t speak English and need a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer to handle your case, we can take care of you.

Call Villalobos and Associates if you need an immigration attorney. We will provide legal services to help you become a citizen. Contact us to schedule your consultation.