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At Villalobos & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we are dedicated family law attorneys who have served clients throughout the area to help them through matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, and more. 

Divorce can be a painful and emotional process. In addition, it’s no easy task for a divorce lawyer. In fact, there’s a lot more for an attorney to consider if they’re representing a client in a divorce. In other words, a divorce lawyer also needs to be a child custody attorney and child support attorney.

Additionally, a lawyer needs to be able to communicate with their clients. As a result, you may need a bilingual family law attorney for your case. Regardless of the family law services you need, if you need a firm in the Kane County, Illinois area Villalobos & Associates should be your first choice. Schedule a free consultation at our office in the Lower West Side today.

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Guiding You Through Your Divorce

Divorce has several different factors that must be dealt with in order to bring your marriage to a lawful, conclusive ending. Though some divorce proceedings can carry through peacefully and amicably, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may run into some disagreements. In which case, you’ll need an attorney at your side who has plenty of trial experience. At Villalobos & Associates are well-equipped to take your divorce matters to court to help you achieve your goals and meet your needs.

During your divorce, we can help you with the following matters:

Spousal Support (Maintenance)

Not every couple must create an alimony plan because it’s based on each party’s ability to support themselves after the divorce. In other words, if you or your spouse stayed home to take care of the family and thus wasn’t in the workforce, it’ll be more difficult for them to find a job.

Property Division 

What happens to your house if you both paid for it with your joint account? What about furniture or savings accounts? Working with an attorney will give you the opportunity to take an objective look at your assets and debts and work toward a solution that is fair and amicable.

Child Custody

There are two important ingredients to a thorough child custody plan. Legal child custody refers to having the right to determine important areas of the child’s life like religious practices, pediatricians, and where they go to school. Physical child custody refers to where the child will actually live, whether it’s split evenly week-by-week, one parent has the child on the weekends, and so on.

Child Support

Much like spousal support, one party may need to pay the other child support if they won’t be able to financially take care of the child on their own. Factors determining the amount paid include the physical custody agreement, each parent’s income, other children that they are raising, the cost of daycare for the child, etc.

Regardless of what your divorce will look like or how complex it may be, you need a skilled team of attorneys at your side. Contact our Chicago attorneys at Villalobos & Associates today to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer that will always keep your best interests a top priority.

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Family disputes, divorces, and the like can be very emotionally driven and can overwhelm you at any given time. To ensure you are given the best result possible, contact us at Villalobos & Associates today. We serve people throughout Cook County, Illinois, from Cicero to Berwyn. We speak Spanish to help you receive the quality representation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation now.