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To get your summary suspension rescinded, you need to request a hearing. Even though it is a civil hearing, it takes place in front of the criminal judge that is assigned to your DUI charge. Don’t go to court alone. Villalobos & Associates has extensive experience successfully handling PTR hearings.
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Getting Your License Back

If you’re a first-time offender and your license has been suspended, there is a considerable legal process you must go through to get it back. First, you must submit a petition to rescind summary suspension within 90 days of the suspension notice date or you will completely lose the ability to contest your suspension. You will then have a summary suspension hearing, often referred to as a PTR hearing. Even though this hearing is a civil, it takes place in front of the criminal judge that is assigned to your DUI case.

At the hearing, you will make a prima facie case as to why your suspension should be rescinded. The state must then show clear evidence illustrating why the suspension should be upheld. Don’t go to court alone. The DUI lawyers at Villalobos & Associates have extensive experience with PTR hearings. We will advocate for you, to get your license back.


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