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Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, you need experienced, skilled, and passionate legal representation. Raul Villalobos has been passionately representing clients in court for over 35 years. Having handled hundreds of bench and jury trials involving complex evidentiary and legal questions, Raul Villalobos has extensive criminal litigation experience in both the Federal and Illinois courts.

Criminal Defense

Convictions for criminal charges can result in jail time, loss of voting or driving rights, fines, difficulty finding work due to having a criminal record, deportation, and inability to receive Federal Aid such as education grants or scholarships, food stamp assistance, and so on. The law gives you the right to an attorney so if you are charged with a crime it is in your best interest to get the best attorney possible to protect your rights.

In a criminal case the burden is on the prosecution to prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A former prosecutor, Raul Villalobos knows exactly what the prosecution needs to prove and how he can best defend his clients. Whether the case is a misdemeanor or felony, criminal charges are serious and demand experienced legal representation.

Villalobos and Associates maintains its high standards of excellence by drawing upon its vast experience and faithfully representing its clients. See Criminal Defense for more information on criminal law services we offer.


Villalobos and Associates also has extensive experience litigating matters in Federal and State Courts. See civil litigation for more information on our experience with civil matters.

Real Estate

Villalobos and Associates offers a complete suite of Real Estate services for buyers and sellers of properties, landlords and businesses. We work with Real Estate agents and also with individuals to make sure that the process of buying, selling, moving, or managing properties goes smoothly and correctly. Read more about our Real Estate packages.

Other Legal Services

Villalobos and Associates offers many legal services. See Other Legal Services for more information.