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Landlord Tenant Law and Evictions
Landlord Tenant Disputes
Landlord and tenant agreements are contracts that have their own special rules. For example, in Chicago, residential renting may be governed by a law known as the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). Landlords need to make sure that they comply with these laws in order to protect themselves and ensure good working relationships with their tenants.

Some disputes can be resolved quickly and simply by reaching an agreement among the parties,which may avoid the cost and time it takes to go to trial. In some cases, though, going to trial is the only way to resovle a dispute. Villalobos & Associates has extensive experience resolving and litigating disputes between landlords and tenants regarding property damages, security deposits, and other breaches of rental agreements. Both landlords and tenants need to know their rights under rental agreements.

Evictions (5 day/30 day notices)
Villalobos & Associates has extensive experience litigating evictions. Because of pro-tenant laws like the RLTO, it pays to have experienced representation if you need to evict or are being evicted.