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Real Estate Services



Villalobos and Associates offers a full suite of real estate services for individuals or businesses.

For Buyers and Sellers

It is very important to do thorough research before purchasing a property in Illinois. Villalobos and Associates has extensive experience helping buyers do their due diligence when making such an important decision. Our buyers package includes everything from the initial research through closing the deal. Our seller's package differs slightly and depends on the needs of the client. In general, either package may include the following:

Write or review the sales contract
Document Review
Search for Chicago Department of Buildings Violations
Title Tract Search
Plats of Survey
Quit Claim Deeds
Transfers of Interest (transferring City, County, and State stamps)
Transfer of Water Service
Transfer of leases when the property is sold
Closing Representation
Land Trusts
Zoning Applications

For Businesses

Villalobos and Associates has extensive experience working with small businesses. If your business is moving to a new location it is very important that you have an experienced attorney review any leases or contracts. In addition, Villalobos and Associates can perform the necessary searches to determine if your new commercial space complies with local codes or zoning. Finally, Villalobos and Associates can help you resolve any outstanding issues regarding the terms of your commercial agreements.

For Landlords

Villalobos and Associates can help landlords manage thier properties effectively. We can help resolve issues with tenants before resorting to costly legal action. In addition, we can help prepare leases or rental agreements that comply with the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance, preventing problems before they arise. When legal action is necessary, we can hep with:

5 day/30day eviction notices
Damage Claims