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Murder and Manslaughter

Manslaughter/Murder/Attempted Murder/Solicitation of Murder
Nothing is more serious than a charge of taking someone's life. Convictions for murder or attempted murder can be extremely lengthy and will definitely carry long-term consequences. Raul Villalobos has tried many murder cases (bench and jury trials), including those that had complicated legal and evidentiary issues. For example, many people are surprised that they can be held responsible for a homicide committed during the commission of another felony (such as burglary), even if the person charged did not pull the trigger. For that reason, even admitting to being part of the other crime may result in a charge for murder. It is extremely important to have experienced legal representation as early as possible to avoid self-incrimination.


3/4/2016: People v. N.H. Not guilty of first degree murder

Our client was charged with first degree murder of a man was on the Southwest side of Chicago after 4 eyewitnesses said they saw him step out of a vehicle and shoot one of their friends. At trial in front of a jury, we presented evidence that the witnesses only thought our client was responsible because the victim tried to start a fight with him at a nearby reaturant. On cross examination of the State's witnesses, the case fell apart as we exposed drastic inconsistencies in each of the eyewitness's descriptions of the shooting. We presented evidence that a vehicle matching the shooter's vehicle was caught on a surveillance video driving past the scene of the shooting three times in under 5 minutes just before the shooting. We also presented expert testimony that explained several key pieces of evidence that nobody else could explain. The jury returned a not-guilty verdict in just 3 hours.

9/9/2014: People v. L.H. Not guilty of attempted murder

Our client was charged with attmepted murder of his ex-girlfriend and her sister. At trial, his ex-girlfriend and her sister both tertsified that they were driving home from the planetarium and exited the expressway at Kostner when a black SUV pulled up next to them. They testified that our client leaned out of the passenger window wearing a bandana over his face, looked at them over the top of the SUV he was in, pulled down the bandana to reveal his face, and then fired several shots at their van while speeding away. In our case in chief, we presented several witnesses who testified that our client was at work in a nearby suburb at the time of the alleged shooting. Moreover, we presented the testimony of the responding Chicago police officer, who testified that he did not find any shell casings, broken glass, or other evidence of a crime scene where the girls said that the shooting occured. The judge agreed that the girls' stories were either completely made up or embellished to the point of being unbelievable given the lack of any corroborating physical evidence. She found our client not guilty.


Manslaughter is another very serious crime that involves taking another person's life. the difference between manslaughter and murder is that when someone commits manslaughter, he doesn't intend to kill the other person. Because of this, to convict someone of manslaughter, the State does not have to prove the element of intent- that you intended to take someone's life. Instead, a person can be charged with involuntary manslaughter for acting recklessly as in cases where someone causes a fatal accident while driving at an extreme rate of speed or when under the influence. Villalobos & Associates has has handled many of these cases and understands that often, manslaughter cases are really just tragic accidents where several factors unfortunately contributed to the person losing his life. A perfect example of this is the highly-publicized E2 case, which resulted in our clients being found not guilty. Read about that case here.